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The Registrar's Office provides many academic services that are vital to your success as a student and as a Northern New Mexico College graduate, including:

  • maintaining the academic calendar
  • producing online schedules and the college catalog
  • administering registration for all for-credit classes (application and registration for non-credit classes is administered through Continuing Education)
  • certifying all certificate and degree completions, produces all certificates and diplomas, and organizing the college's graduation ceremonies
  • providing students with official academic transcripts upon request
  • processing and maintaining all NNMC Student Records including application files, registration forms, grades/transcripts, changes of major, changes of personal information, enrollment verifications, and petitions to graduate.

With the introduction of plus and minus grades, a course required for your graduation in which you earned a C- or lower will not count toward your requirements. It will also not serve as a pre-requisite for other courses. You should retake the class, or an equivalent, as soon as possible. This includes HPER courses.

Contact Information

Jan C. Dawson, Registrar

Betty Lujan, Records Coordinator

Rachel Begay, Administrative Assistant